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No one could have predicted the enduring influence of the Woodstock experience.  Yes, the bands were first-rate and there were many of them  And the location, isolated in nature as it was, was picture-perfect and tranquil, a bucolic setting for relaxing with friends and listening to music and getting high.  But in unexpected ways, Woodstock became more than a concert for all of us.  I was fascinated, captivated, enchanted and transfixed by the crowd, the hundreds of thousands of kind and gentle souls who made the trek to Yasgur’s farm.  It was the people upon whom I focused my cameras.  I wandered among them daily, taking pictures, building a personal diary of three miraculous days that I somehow knew were both a promise and an aberration.  We held out hope that the former would characterize our future lives.  Yet, as we look back, we realize with great sadness it was the latter that became the world we live in.

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